Alps in black and white

Another flight, another stunning view of the Alps with a cloudy sky.

I was impressed by the peaks popping out of the surrounding whiteout, and I captured that view with my iPhone.

Later we reached those peaks, allowing me to see the majesty of those mountains and their glaciers.

Fort de la Marguerie

I spent some days on the Alps again, as I did last year.
There was full moon this time but it did not stop me from going out during night, enjoy the atmosphere and the sky.

We met a nice German couple having their holidays on the Alps and going to spend the night at that site, in front of the Fort de la Marguerie. I really enjoyed spending time with them while shooting the Milky Way.

Playing with the clouds

During a trip to Milan I faced (another) stunning sunset. The sun slowly disappearing behind soft clouds looking like a snowy land.
I played with Lightroom’s DNG camera on my iPhone, doing the editing on the plane -straight on the phone- and getting my pictures of clouds, when I landed, already synchronized to the cloud 🙂
Interesting way to see I can survive without a camera and do my workflow without a laptop…


And then the iPhone became my in-flight camera to capture the sky the way we can’t see it when on the ground.





Houses and trees in the Vondelpark

The Milky Way on the Alps

At Col de Tende, the border between Italy and France, the Milky Way showed all her majesty in a lovely, clean summer night.

This picture is part of my experiment to use the Leica Q as a night photography tool. It was a stretch for a camera I love, but the result is still ok.



Portuguese frames

Lisbon, Cascais, Evora. Portugal is always inspiring. Lovely places, nice people, great food.


Budapest with Leica Q


One of the first walks with the Leica Q, in the city center of Budapest. Rainy day, nice atmosphere.



Thames Valley bridges

A walk in the Thames Valley in Reading, relaxing landscapes and different styles for bridges.



Gioia and the snow

I spent a couple of days with Gioia, a lovely golden retriever puppy, taking her to the Alps to discover the snow.

So fun to see her creating snowballs while playing, and trying to catch them.

Orta San Giulio

A little island, a lake, a small village full of character.

This is Orta San Giulio, on lake Orta, a gem in the north of Italy.